Understanding Aegosexuality: Exploring a Different Aspect of Sexual Attraction

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In the vast and diverse world of human sexuality, there are numerous identities and orientations that exist beyond the traditional binary of heterosexual and homosexual. One such identity that has gained recognition in recent years is aegosexuality. This term is relatively new and may not be widely understood, so let's delve into what it means to be aegosexual and how it can impact relationships and dating.

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What is Aegosexuality?

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Aegosexuality, also known as autochorissexuality, is a relatively lesser-known term within the spectrum of sexual orientations. Coined by asexual activist David Jay, aegosexuality refers to individuals who experience a disconnection between themselves and the object of their sexual attraction. In simpler terms, aegosexual individuals may feel arousal or sexual attraction towards a certain stimulus (such as erotica or fantasies), but they do not desire to be a participant in the sexual activity themselves.

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This disconnection can manifest in various ways, such as feeling detached from the physical act of sex or finding it difficult to connect with sexual partners on a deeper level. It's important to note that aegosexuality is not synonymous with asexuality, as aegosexual individuals may still experience sexual attraction or arousal in certain contexts.

Navigating Relationships as an Aegosexual

For those who identify as aegosexual, navigating relationships and dating can pose unique challenges. Understanding and communicating one's aegosexual identity to a potential partner is crucial in ensuring that both parties are on the same page when it comes to sexual intimacy.

Aegosexual individuals may find it helpful to seek out partners who are understanding and accepting of their orientation. Open and honest communication about boundaries, desires, and expectations is essential in fostering a healthy and fulfilling relationship. It's also important for aegosexual individuals to advocate for their needs and boundaries, and to seek out partners who are willing to respect and accommodate them.

Challenges and Misconceptions

Like many lesser-known sexual orientations, aegosexuality can be met with misconceptions and challenges. Some individuals may struggle to understand the concept of feeling sexual attraction without a desire for physical involvement, leading to feelings of isolation and invalidation. Additionally, aegosexual individuals may face pressure to conform to societal norms and expectations surrounding sex and intimacy.

Finding Community and Support

Despite the challenges that aegosexual individuals may face, there is a growing community of support and understanding for those who identify with this orientation. Online forums, social media groups, and support networks provide spaces for aegosexual individuals to connect, share their experiences, and find validation in their identity.

For those navigating dating and relationships as an aegosexual individual, seeking out like-minded individuals and building a support network can be invaluable. Finding a community that embraces and understands one's orientation can provide a sense of belonging and empowerment, ultimately leading to more fulfilling and authentic connections with others.


Aegosexuality is a unique and valid orientation that deserves recognition and understanding within the realm of human sexuality. By shedding light on the experiences and challenges faced by aegosexual individuals, we can foster a more inclusive and empathetic approach to dating and relationships. For those who identify as aegosexual, finding acceptance, understanding, and support is key in navigating the complexities of sexuality and intimacy.